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Student Cleaning

You are the on site manager for a residential block of students.

One of your primary concerns is the health and wellbeing of the students and a part of this is undoubtedly the cleanliness of the rooms that they are occupying. How are you going to achieve this on an ongoing basis during a year of different occupation rates and varying numbers of students along with all your other responsibilities !

Will they…….

Regularly empty their waste bins
Clean the kitchen area to include the oven and microwave
Change their bedding on a regular basis
Clean the WC and shower
Vacuum and dust the flat
THIS IS UNLIKELY – Students are at college or University to learn and have fun. Cleaning doesn’t come under those headings

The Holiday and Student Cleaning Company can deal with all these points and maintain the cleanliness that is required to the exacting standards that a student accommodation would require

For example if you have a student block with 5,10,15 or 20 separate rooms, plus the communal areas that need to be maintained then we have a reliable and dedicated team of cleaners willing and able to deal with all the issues that may arise. In addition to this we supply an on-site supervisor to make sure that everthing is taken care of

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