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Student Cleaning Priority Checklist

Priority Checklist

If we have only have a 3-5 hour changeover window, or less, it’s essential that we tackle the biggest and most important tasks as first priority:

  • The first thing most owners do is read any new reviews (smile) then check the guest information book is intact.
  • Stripping the beds is one of the main tasks, we then check the mattress covers and pillows for any stains or damage and then make the beds with clean linen making sure they are in good order for the new guests.
  • The kitchen will be cleaned thoroughly: pots, pans, cutlery and utensils checked for grime or damage. The fridge emptied and cleaned. Restock dishwasher detergent, washing up liquid, put out clean dishcloths, tea towels and replenish hand soap as required
  • The same goes for bathrooms, showers and toilets: these will need a deep clean, toiletries and toilet paper restocked and remove any plughole debris.
  • Dust and wipe over all the surfaces, items on walls (e.g. clocks, picture frames, shelves) getting rid of glass rings and wiping down chairs, tables and baby equipment. Look out for cob webs.
  • Floors will be one of the last jobs on our list not forgetting to vacuum under beds.
  • Make sure all the bins, including bedroom and bathroom bins are emptied and there are plenty of bin bags for the next guests. Make sure the Wi-Fi, appliances and all the light bulbs are working, check remote controls and test
  • CO2/smoke alarms – replace batteries where necessary.
  • Check the fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  • Sweep the outside patio area set and remove any cigarettes –  if there is a dedicated area for outside smoking
  • Check the key safe works and change the key code as required.
  • Do a visual check of the property for marks, scratches, damage, stains, note any problems encountered.
  • Check that the welcome packs and any keys are left in an obvious place for the new guests to find. Leave out any welcome gifts such as chocolates, milk, bread etc.
  • Finally, ensure the lighting and heating is on to welcome guests (depending on the season)
  • Allocate tasks for efficiency


Our  changeover team is allocated tasks before they arrive, to ensure there is no delay making decisions on who does what when you arrive.

One member of the team  will  handle the maintenance, checking for damage, fixing anything that needs it and handling the deeper clean tasks like barbecue, oven and replenishing of products. This leaves your other team member(s) to get on with the main tasks at hand – beds, bathrooms, floors, etcIf you have chores, such as gardening or window cleaning, these will add quite a bit of time to your busy schedule. In this case it’s a good idea to get an extra pair of hands, or ask your guests if they mind the gardener coming by whilst they are out. It’s fairly acceptable for a gardener to be on hand during their stay.

Invest in the best

We make sure that we use tried and tested equipment and cleaning products that we know won’t let us down and that will stand the test of time providing the best results for the incoming guests.

Preventing wear and tear

A stringent changeover plan not only reduces wear and tear, it also impresses  guests and avoids complaints. A deep clean will be required at least once a year, plus essential spring and winter maintenance. Use this opportunity to replace any items that show damage or signs of wear and tear.

If you are shutting down your holiday home over winter, here is a check list of what you will need to do to keep your holiday home in tip top condition.

Useful tips to remove stains

It’s inevitable that you will discover stubborn stains that will need dealing with during the limited time you have to prepare your holiday rental for incoming guests. When you do, refer to these top tips to remove stains.

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