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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

If you own or manage rented accommodation, you will know that re-letting a property quickly is important to your bottom line. Finding a house or flat has been neglected when tenants move out is every landlord’s worst nightmare. The clean-up can eat into your work schedule and delay the re-letting process. That is why more and more private landlords are discovering the benefits of end of tenancy cleaning services.

Professional end of tenancy cleaners can turn a dirty, smelly living space into a show home in a matter of hours. What could take you days to sort out can be done and dusted – literally – in less than one day. Savvy landlords use cheap end of tenancy cleaning services so that properties can be marketed and re-let almost immediately.

Cheap end of tenancy cleaning

Ensuring your rented home is clean and fresh for new tenants is pivotal. A tired-looking property will take much longer to re-let, reducing your income. If you rely on rental income to pay a mortgage or for living expenses, you can’t afford to have a property sitting empty. Cheap end of tenancy cleaning is the perfect solution. Consider it if you live a long way from your property or don’t have the time to do the cleaning yourself.

As well cleaning carpets, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas, a good end of tenancy cleaning service will inform you of any defects. They will tell you about:

  • Worn seals around sinks and baths
  • Rust
  • Permanent stains or marks
  • Broken tiles.

Cheap end of tenancy cleaning will end up saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in lost revenue.

End of tenancy cleaning prices

Professional end of tenancy cleaning is surprisingly inexpensive. Cleaning costs can vary between a set price per property or an hourly rate. The best cleaning services manage teams of cleaners who come in and get the job done quickly and with no fuss. They employ people who know how to get dull stainless steel shining again, breathe new life into tired-looking carpets and make light work of all the jobs you can’t face.

Cleaning prices are generally low for private rented properties. Many landlords factor the cost of a professional clean into the rent or deposit. If you are not currently doing this, it is worth considering.

Landlords come from all walks of life. While many buy-to-let, some property owners rent a single home. It could be that the rental income pays for residential care. You could even be renting your property while you work abroad or in another part of the UK. In these instances, hiring end of tenancy cleaning services is a no brainer.

Student house cleaning services

Most private landlords who let accommodation to students use end of tenancy cleaning services. This is because young people are more likely to neglect a rented property. If you own a student house, you may have encountered the drawbacks of renting to young people. While students may not pay attention to cleaning when they live in your property, they will want to see it clean before they move in.

Expectations for student accommodation are higher than ever. With huge investment in brand new state-of-the-art apartments, how will your accommodation compete? Continue to tap into this lucrative market by ensuring your property is clean.

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