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Could Your Student Accommodation Benefit from a Regular Cleaning Service?

Maintaining a building let to students can be difficult if you don’t keep on top of the basics. Pest infestations, ruined carpets and damaged fixtures and fittings can cost you a fortune. Make no mistake, student accommodation can be an excellent revenue stream. But it can lose its value, if it is not properly looked after. A regular cleaning service contributes to the overall maintenance of a student house. It reduces the risk of major damage caused by neglect.

Ensuring fixtures and fittings are not left to deteriorate will guarantee student accommodation retains its value – and appeal. It also speeds up the process of re-letting rooms. If you are not convinced your student accommodation needs a domestic cleaning service, read on…

Student accommodation cleaning

University students in the UK are predominantly young, between the ages of 18 and 24. For many, entering higher education means living away from home for the first time. Students arrive looking for adventure and excitement. Think late night parties and sinks piled high with dirty dishes. Maintaining your property is the last thing on their minds.

Most universities factor the cost of damage to halls of residence into rental charges. They have strict policies that focus on maintenance as well as damage beyond normal wear and tear. In the highly competitive private sector, it can be difficult to enforce landlord rules. While there are significant financial gains to be made from student accommodation, there are also huge risks.

Student houses that are not kept clean can attract rodents and other pests. Even small maintenance problems can go on to cost you dear, if left undetected. There could also be serious implications with your insurance. That is why it makes sense to invest in regular tenancy cleaning for student accommodation.

Tenancy cleaning for your student house

Hiring domestic cleaning services to look after your student house makes good financial sense. As well as ensuring your property is kept clean, you will be aware of maintenance issues as they arise. A good domestic cleaning company will liaise with you and advise of any potential problems. Think of it as your eyes and ears.

It is worth bearing in mind that students have access to qualified advice that helps them avoid paying for any damage they cause. The internet is awash with free information provided by professionals. Who will you fall back on for the same level of advice should the worst happen? A professional cleaning service will pick up problems before they become a major headache.

Invest in domestic cleaning services

Looking after expensive fixtures and fittings could save you thousands of pounds. Regular cleaning will look after carpets, vinyl flooring, stainless steel and enamel. You will reduce the risk of pest infestations and enjoy the benefit of peace of mind.

Students who can see a you care about your property will have more respect for it. Regular cleaning is key. It sets the standard for tenancies and encourages tenants to be more responsible. If you don’t want to fork out for new carpets every 12 months, think ‘cleaning service’.

Want to know more about the benefits of hiring a domestic cleaning service for your student accommodation? Visit https://www.holidayandstudent.co.uk/.

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